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Zeb Atlas

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Hair Color : Brown

Position : Top

Eye Color : Hazel

Cock : 8"

Height : 6'2"

Foreskin : Cut


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Zeb Atlas's Biography :

Zeb Atlas is one of the most iconic names synonymous with Muscles, Body Worship & Porn working in the industry today. At 42 years of age, he maintains his physique at its optimum. At 6'2" and 245 pounds of solid muscle, he is a powerful presence the moment he walks into a room. However, as big as he is, he is truly a gentle giant. He has a wicked sense of humor and enjoys meeting new people and establishing a connection with them. When not working out, you can find him planted in front of his large screen watching football, which his favorite sport. He considers himself to be "just sexual" rather than labeling himself straight, gay or bi. We are thrilled to have Zeb on the site and he certainly fits into High Performance Men without a question.

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