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Girth Brooks

  • Updated : 2012-06-26 |

Starring in :

1gaypass, HighPerformanceMen

Hair Color : Brown

Eye Color : Hazel

Height :

Position : Top

Cock : 9.0"

Foreskin : Cut

Girth Brooks's Biography :

Girth Brooks is the consummate southern gentleman when you meet him in person. Standing a little over 6' tall, he looks like a lumberjack with his very broad shoulders and hairy upper body. Girth exudes masculinity from his pores and yet he is not intimidating at all. Rather, he is a super nice man with a quiet confidence. We wondered where that confidence comes from and once you see him naked, you will have the answer. Girth has a 9"x"6" cock that is truly breathtaking. We even weighed it with a postal scale and it weighed a little over 1.2 pounds! WOW.

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