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Brad Kalvo

  • Updated : 2013-03-19 |

Starring in :

1gaypass, HighPerformanceMen

Hair Color : Brown

Eye Color : Green

Height : 5'11"

Position : Top

Cock : 8.5"

Foreskin : Cut

Brad Kalvo's Biography :

Brad Kalvo comes to High Performance Men from Los Angeles, CA where he is a self described exhibitionist at heart. He stands 5'11" and is a bodybuilder with a massive hairy frame of 235 lbs of muscle. This gentle giant is soft spoken and has a passion for music. He even grew up playing violin and currently plays the keyboard and electric guitar. He loves to cook and shops at the farmer's market as much as possible. Working out in the gym and keeping himself healthy are very important and he works out 4-5 times a week. He loves doing porn and providing pleasure to the men he has sex with.

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